OPENING OF THE CIVIL WAR - RARE Original Morning Edition April 10, 1861 “The New York Herald”.

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April 10, 1861-Dated Civil War Period, Morning Edition of “The New York Herald” Newspaper, “Opening of the Civil War”

The American Civil War between Apr 12, 1861 to May 13, 1865. Original Newspaper, “THE NEW YORK HERALD” of 12 pages, measures about 15.75” x 22.25”, the Morning Edition of April 10, 1861. This complete newspaper has a large Map showing the defenses of Charleston and the surrounding area on page 2.

Column heading reads, “Opening of the Civil War.”

Details of the beginning of the War, stating 6,000 troops on the guns, immense excitement in Charleston and the listing of the Confederate troops protecting Charleston. Great newspaper from the start of the largest conflict ever on the soil of the United States.  A most historic issue which appears very clean and attractive.


Fort Sumter was located in the middle of the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina. Its garrison recently moved there to avoid incidents with local militias in the streets of the city. President Lincoln told Major Anderson to hold on until fired upon. Jefferson Davis ordered the surrender of the fort. Anderson gave a conditional reply that the Confederate government rejected, and Davis ordered General P. G. T. Beauregard to attack the fort before a relief expedition could arrive. He bombarded Fort Sumter on April 12–13, forcing its capitulation.

Condition - Choice Very Fine. Repaired edge tears, no odors, left edge chipping.

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